Onsite Training

Mission Statement

Teaching open minds a pathway to creative success.

Students can also get training by me on location at a ongoing project and it is useful for further training for those that desire.

My primary goal with Ziemer Design Creations is to stay active by teaching (as I play) while inspiring others to take on this kind of lifestyle while they get compensated to forge ahead in life. 

Giving  Back 

I am especially interested in helping young adults that are underdogs. This is going to be my main long term goal!

Currently, I am teaching John, 25 years old. John comes from a welfare single mom family structure. He is Hispanic and has had brushes with the law and some drugs. To ad to his deficit, John is deaf. He is the poster child slated for social  fail. 

John has been with me 6 months now. I have taught him skills that make him very desirable in any job market requiring these special skills…working for zoos, amusement parks, contractors…the list goes on.

In my teaching, John is learning social skills such as job and home site etiquette, maintaining good credit and simple financial principles, properly getting his contractors license, good business management skills, and the do’s and don’ts of business 101.

John, armed with all skills,tools and rock creations apparatus and his new found business and skill savvy will be set and ready to create a good future for himself.
As Ziemer Design Creations forges ahead, this is the most important aspect of Ziemer Design Creations!

In an organically formed structure of giving back to the community, it is my goal that this be the sustainable format of Ziemer Design Creations. For lack of better description, Ziemer Design Creations will become a non profit foundation.