Rock Molds & Cast Stone

You can now purchase our custom crafted rock molds and the individual stones we create with them for use on your commercial or do it yourself project.

If you are considering installing Santa Barbara cut sandstone on your project and desire quality, affordable, materials or wish to cast your own to save money, then please contact us anytime and we will discuss your future plans. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We are a Santa Barbara County based company located in Goleta. We manufacture and install simulated Santa Barbara cut sandstone. 

The entire system with training is also available for purchase. More>

Additionally, we assist contractors, do it yourself home owners, and entrepreneurs to manufacture and install our simulated Santa Barbara cut sandstone on their own projects.

Why simulated cut stone?

There are many advantages:

  1. This system is very cost effective ( at least half the price of natural stone). Imagine eliminating the retail and distribution middle man and delivery cost to start with!
  2. With this system all cut stone is manufactured at the job site ( no other system available can claim this). This is a huge advantage because we or you, will make cut stone as you need it , any quantity, at any pace, while never waiting for a delivery.
  3. This system is so easy to lean anybody can be manufacturing and installing beautiful Santa Barbara cut sandstone in a matter of a day or two.
  4. This system allows you complete control of customizing any design desired, it’s that simple. Matching existing to new construction is simple.
  5. Job site access, cleanup, and trash removal are minimal using our system. (sometimes a cost that is overlooked).
  6. The custom crafted finished project is always pleasing and typically exceeds clients expectations visually and financially.